The 1984-85 Miners’ Strike was an industrial dispute in Britain which began in March 1984 after the decision of the then Conservative government to close coal mines, which would lead to the loss of many thousands of jobs. The strike was throughout the UK and unusual in character as many women became active within the dispute and their local communities during this period. Involvement included both political activity as well as community support such as setting up community kitchens to provide food for the striking men and their families.

In this, the 30th Anniversary of the Strike, “One For All Productions Ltd” felt it was important to interview, record and archive the stories and anecdotes of women from across the North East coalfields.The idea being to validate the women’s stories, allow mining communities to value their heritage and raise awareness in the wider community. This web site is not only a record of our year long journey to achieve this but also a voice for North East mining communities to promote and celebrate their Heritage.