February 15, 2016 John McMahon

Florence Anderson

IMG_0088On behalf of the women I would like to pay at tribute to our menfolk .To the miners of this country who have stood up and been counted in the fight not just to defend their jobs, their communities and their unions but they have stood up and defended the dignity of the working class .Can I say publicly that I salute the pickets, I salute the men and women who have demonstrated in the time honoured tradition of the British Trade Union movement and said to the scabs “You shall not pass unhindered”
And you hear the Tory’s scream about the Mass picket lines and in the same breath talk about all these miners sitting at home waiting to go back to work. Well you can’t have it both ways, because I think the truth of the matter is that the sight of the working class standing together frightens the hell out of them. Florence Anderson.